As I have been a citizen of the Philippines, I have always been worried about one rather strange local law that actually forbids the possibility of divorce and remarriage. Some authorities say that it has to do with religion, which endorses a dedicated and faithful relationship and implies a spiritual meaning in the act of marriage. And yet, whatever good intention the Philippines’ spiritual leaders may have had, this law still remains to be sucking as hell. Here you can find more single moms than anywhere else in the world, and in the end because of the impossibility of remarriage it is the children who suffer the most! So I hate this law, and I want none of that spirituality if they put it like that.

For this reason I have doubted many times through my first relationship that had led us to the possibility of marriage. I did not want to divorce and I wanted to make sure that I found the right person. One day though when we finally made a decision, I decided to test her integrity and installed Mobistealth on her android cellphone. I almost forgot about that app, but the call from her relatives who invited me to participate in the ceremony planning. I ignored the invitation for the meanwhile, and logged in to see if Mobistealth has achieved in gathering something that could actually change my decision… I did not believe my eyes when seeing through a report!

As she was a simple girl from a lower class, her family was always in need. It turned out that it was her mother who strongly advocated the marriage, and convinced the daughter to proceed with the marriage and thus get a good bit wealthier as I was. Then from her text messages I have found that she was meeting with another man even before we met. They have planned the whole thing already, so if not the MobiStealth, I would really suck ass for the rest of my life… Bless the developers, and wish they could do more things like that, really a life saver!

PS: Now I have already married to another girl, and we’ve been really quite happy for almost a year. According to MobiStealth, she has never lied to me, so I’m really thankful to god that He sent me this kind precious application.